Tips on setting resolutions - and keeping them!


There’s a lot of debate around whether or not New Year resolutions work. Most people tend to think that January is a very bad time to set yourself any form of goals. In fact, some experts believe that people who set resolutions are doomed to fail. 


Do New Year resolutions work or not?

I believe they can work, but those more likely to maintain and accomplish them are clear in their own mind about two key things:

  • The outcome that you want to realise, and 

  • How much you want to benefit from the outcome. 

If you’re not clear on outcomes, how can anyone else be? This advice applies to managers of teams in the workplace as much as individuals with personal goals. The key is to make your goals public by sharing with others. This makes them real and more attainable. 


A year of reflection 

2018 was a year of reflection at Zest for Life. We celebrated our 8th anniversary and business is going great. But I still have this little voice in my head telling me that whilst working in the business I’m not working on the business. If you’re an owner-operated businesses you’ve no doubt experienced something similar.

Taking time out to reflect means I’m now clear…crystal clear on Zest for Life’s purpose and the direction in which we’re heading. I’ve balanced my own personal goals with my work commitments so I can achieve the lifestyle I want and deliver my business ambitions. 


A renewed ‘Zest for Life’

Whilst I’ve always been an early riser and found it easy to get out of bed each morning, I now have a renewed ‘Zest for Life’. I jump out of bed, focused and energised, knowing that each day I will take small steps in the right direction – for myself and my business. I know what these steps are and I know how I will achieve them.

You can achieve similar clarity in your own career, team, or business by following these coaching tips…


6 steps to setting achievable goals 

  1. Decide on your focus or goal for this year. These are more positive words than ‘resolution’! 

  2. Be absolutely clear in your own mind about the outcome you want to achieve. Write this down.

  3. Write down the steps you will take to achieve this outcome.  

  4. Share your focus with other people - your team, colleagues or a friend/partner. Choose someone you trust to help you achieve your outcome or who can provide support and hold you to account.

  5. Ask for their feedback. Other people can come up with amazing ideas too.

  6. Put measurements in place to help you achieve your outcome. Numbers are a very useful indicator of whether or not you’re on track.


Now is the perfect time to challenge yourself and be super clear about your outcomes for the year ahead. When you gain a sense of clarity, I hope that you too will have a renewed ‘Zest for Life’ and feel excited about the progress you’re making and what lies ahead for you and your business.